Seamless Fleet Conversions

We partner with fleets to electrify their equipment with our ZeroNox Electric Powertrain Platform (ZEPP).

Transition Your Fleet


In the face of staggering gas prices and environmental concerns, electrification of your fleet can save capital, improve operational ROI, and make an impact on the planet.

Fleet Electrification

Case Study

Electrify your savings
by electrifying
your fleet.

With over 60 companies across multiple sectors, the Jospong Group of Companies is one of the most diversified holdings companies in Ghana with operations in other African countries and Asia. With a focus on Waste Management, ICT, Banking, and Automobiles, they are leading the charge in these industries.
Committed to sustainability, Jospong is making the switch to a zero-emission fleet, reducing their carbon footprint and helping protect the environment.
Our Process

Gas-to-Electric Conversion

ZeroNox will take your existing internal combustion engine vehicle and convert it to electric with our powertrain platform.
Your new all-electric fleet powered by ZeroNox will have significantly fewer parts that require little to no maintenance – saving you time and money.
Internal Combustion Engine

Drive your fleet into a zero-emissions future.

Our team of engineers can work with you
to electrify your fleet.
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